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What Clients Say About the Pembroke Denture Centre

“After tolerating four successive partial plates for my bottom teeth, I was encouraged by my husband and Michael Clarke to have implants to hold a new set of upper and lower dentures. I was reluctant at first to spend the money for this procedure but now I feel the money was well spent and my health and looks have improved. I now get compliments from strangers who think my dentures are my natural set of teeth. Michael Clarke’s denture skills were indispensable in making this transformation a success.”

- Yours truly, Barbara

“Since 2007, I’ve had repairs, implants, top and bottom dentures replaced and a bad bite corrected. A very professional, well run and friendly place!”

- Joan T.

“Since getting new partials my life is better and healthier. Corn on the cob and crisp apples are now on my menu! No more mouth ulcers and poor digestion! Have your partials or dentures replaced and live your life pain-free!”

- Marlyn L.

“Dear Michael,

I have been a client of yours for a number of years, and a few years ago you mentioned the Post with a Bar System for my dentures. At that time, I didn’t think that my dentures could get any better. I had the odd sore mouth but you always were able to make the necessary adjustments to keep me happy. Then at one of my adjustment appointments you again mentioned this system, and assured me that I would be extremely happy with is, so I finally took your advice and decided to go for it.

By far, this system is the closest thing to having my own teeth. I can eat anything at all now and I never complain about a sore mouth. Many thanks to you Michael! You were true to your word. I do love the Bar System and I would strongly recommend it for denture wearers. My only regret is that I wish I would have taken your advice and gotten this system sooner. Thank you so much Michael. You are the best!”

- John D.

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