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Relines, Repairs and Denture Soft Liners

Relines, Repairs and Denture Soft Liners in Pembroke

Relines and Rebases

If the bite with your dentures is still fairly good and stable, but they just feel loose or move when eating or talking, a reline or rebase may solve the problem.

Relines happen when a light impression is taken in the denture that fills in the spaces where the bone and tissue have changed. When the denture is processed, it feels like it fits everywhere and will feel more comfortable when chewing and talking.

A rebase is very similar to a reline, except all the denture acrylic is changed leaving the teeth as they were. This makes the denture look brand new again giving it a new life.


As with anything else, dentures can break. They can snap in half, crack, teeth can break off, etc. Dentures undergo tremendous flexion and bending when chewing and biting. Over time, this creates micro stress lines all through the acrylic that eventually accumulate to the point where the acrylic gives out. Luckily, we can fix them.

While some repairs are simple, others are complex and although we can usually repair them back to the way they were, we can’t always fix the reason why they break. That’s when consideration is given to relines, rebases or new dentures. Never use crazy glue to fix it yourself. This is toxic and may cause more issues than you need.

dentures Repairs

Denture Soft Liners

Sometimes the lower ridge is severely flattened and no matter how hard we try, the lower denture constantly creates sores and prevents you from comfortably chewing. This often causes the “leave the table hungry” condition or you begin to avoid certain foods altogether.

A soft liner or cushion is a material bonded to the denture that acts as a shock absorber offering greater comfort and a more comfortable chewing ability. Soft liners can be added to new dentures or relined in older ones. It may be just the thing you need.

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